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Occupations : M


MADERER gathered and sold garlic
MAID female domestic servant
MAIL GUARD armed guard, frequently an ex-soldier, employed on the mail coach service
MAISE MAKER one who made measures for weighing herring catch
MALEMAKER maker of 'Males' or travelling bags
MALSTER brewer, maker or seller of malts
MANCIPLE steward
MANGLE KEEPER woman who offered use of the mangle for a fee
MANGLER works a mangle
MANGO slave dealer
MANTUAMAKER dressmaker
MARBLER one who stained paper or other material, veined in imitation of marble
MARSHALL horse doctor of shoe-smith
MARSHMAN paid by various landowners to look after marshlands and tend the animals put to graze there for the season
MASHMAKER maker of the mash-vats or mashels used for mixing malt
MASON stonecutter
MASTER one of three grades of skill recognised by the Guild of Crafts
MASTER LUMPER contractor of labourers at cheap rate of pay
MASTER MARINER ship's captain
MAWER mower
MEALMAN dealer in meal or flour
MELDER corn miller
MERCATOR merchant
MERCER cloth seller
MIDWIFE experience woman who assists in child birth
MILESMAN railway worker who had a length of railway track to keep in good order
MILLER corn miller, cloth miller, saw miller
MILLERESS miller's wife
MILLERS CARMAN drove carrier to deliver the flour or seed to the customers
MILLNER maker of women's hats
MILLPECK sharpener of mill stones
MILLWRIGHT designer & builder of mills or mill machinery
MILSTONE INSPECTOR vagrant, a gentleman of the road
MINTMAKER issuer of local currency
MINTMASTER issuer of local currency
MIXER bartender
MOCADO WEAVER weaver of woollen cloth used for making clothes 16-17th century.
MOLITOR miller
MONDAYMAN one who worked for landowner on Mondays in lieu of rent
MONGER dealer (i.e., fish)
MOULDER maker of moulds or castings, brick maker
MOUNTEBANK seller if ineffectual patent medicines
MUDLARK sewer cleaner, riverbank scavenger
MUFFIN MAKER maker who made muffins
MUFFIN MAN itinerant seller of muffins
MUGSELLER seller of cups, mugs
MULE MINDER minded the spinning mules in the cotton mills
MULETEER mule driver
MUSICKER musician
MUSTARDER made and dealt in mustard
MUSTARDMAN made and dealt in mustard

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