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Occupations : N


NAGSMAN a person who schools horses, usually for his employer
NAPERER royal servant in charge of table linen
NAPIER naperer
NARROW WEAVER weaver of ribbons, tapes, etc
NAVIGATOR labourer building canals or railways
NEATHERD Cow herder
NECESSARY WOMAN servant responsible for emptying and cleaning chamber pots
NECKER worker responsible for the feeding of cardboard into the machine the makes boxes
NEDELLER needle maker
NETTER net maker
NIGHTMAN one who emptied cesspits, ash pits and backyard toilets
NIGHT SOILMAN one who emptied cesspits, ash pits and backyard toilets
NIGHTWALKER watchman or bell man
NIPPER lorry boy, a young person employed by the carter or wagoner to assist with the collection and delivery of goods
NOB THATCHER wig maker
NOON TENDER guarded the goods on the quay while the officers were a lunch
NOTERER notary

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