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Occupations : V


VAGELER keeper or catcher of birds
VALET male servant that attended a nobleman or gentleman
VALUATOR who valued objects
VASSAL servant of the lowest order
VATMAN one who put the paper pulp into the moulds in paper-making industry or worked with vats e.g. in beer and wine making
VENATOR huntsman
VENUR huntsman
VERDERER official in charge of the royal forest
VERGE MAKER one who made the spindles used in clocks and watches
VERGER one who worked with the priest in the running the church
VERRIER glazier
VESTMENTMAKER one who made the gowns worn by priests
VICTUALER seller of food/drink
VIEWER one who worked at the mines in a managerial capacity
VILLEIN one who paid dues to the lord of the manor in return for use of the land
VINEROON grape farmer, wine maker
VINTAGER grape farmer, wine maker
VINTER wine merchant
VINTNER wine merchant
VIRGINAL PLAYER player of a musical instrument similar to a harpsichord
VOGELAAR keeper or catcher of birds
VOGELER keeper or catcher of birds
VOGLER keeper or catcher of birds
VOWLER keeper or catcher of birds
VULCAN blacksmith

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