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Common Old Testament Names

This list is not all-inclusive. Included are only the more common names.

Aaron First high priest of Jews; son of Amram; brother of Miriam and Moses; father of Abihu, Eleazer, Ithamar, and Nadab.
Abel Son of Adam; slain by Cain.
Abigail Wife of Nabal; later, wife of David.
Abihu Son of Aaron.
Abimelech King of Gerar.
Abner Commander of army of Saul and Ishbosheth; slain by Joab.
Abraham (or Abram) Patriarch; forefather of the Jews; son of Terah; husband of Sarah; father of Isaac and Ishmael.
Absalom Son of David and Maacah; revolted against David; slain by Joab.
Achish King of Gath; gave refuge to David.
Achsa (or Achsah) Daughter of Caleb; wife of Othniel.
Adah Wife of Lamech.
Adam First man; husband of Eve; father of Cain, Abel, and Seth.
Adonijah Son of David and Haggith.
Agag King of Amalek; spared by Saul; slain by Samuel.
Ahasuerus King of Persia; husband of Vashti and, later, Esther; sometimes identified with Xerxes the Great.
Ahijah Prophet; foretold accession of Jeroboam.
Ahinoam Wife of David.
Amasa Commander of army of David; slain by Joab.
Amnon Son of David and Ahinoam; ravished Tamar; slain by Absalom.
Amram Husband of Jochebed; father of Aaron, Miriam and Moses.
Asenath Wife of Joseph.
Asher Son of Jacob and Zilpah.
Balaam Prophet; rebuked by his donkey for cursing God.
Barak Jewish captain; associated with Deborah.
Baruch Secretary to Jeremiah.
Bathsheba Wife of Uriah; later, wife of David.
Belshazzar Crown prince of Babylon.
Benaiah Warrior of David; proclaimed Solomon King.
Ben-Hadad Name of several kings of Damascus.
Benjamin Son of Jacob and Rachel.
Bezaleel Chief architect of tabernacle.
Bilbah Servant of Rachel; mistress of Jacob.
Bildad Comforter of Job.
Boaz Husband of Ruth; father of Obed.
Cain Son of Adam and Eve; slayer of Abel; father of Enoch.
Cainan Son of Enos.
Caleb Spy sent out by Moses to visit Canaan; father of Achsa.
Canaan Son of Ham.
Chilion Son of Elimelech; husband of Orpah.
Cush Son of Ham; father of Nimrod.
Dan Son of Jacob and Bilhah.
Daniel Prophet; saved from lions by God.
Deborah Hebrew prophetess; helped Israelites conquer Canaanites.
Delilah Mistress and betrayer of Samson.
Elam Son of Shem.
Eleazar Son of Aaron; succeeded him as high priest.
Eli High priest and judge; teacher of Samuel; father of Hophni and Phinehas.
Eliakim Chief minister of Hezekiah.
Eliezer Servant of Abraham.
Elihu Comforter of Job.
Elijah (or Elias) Prophet; went to heaven in chariot of fire.
Elimelech Husband of Naomi; father of Chilion and Mahlon.
Eliphaz Comforter of Job.
Elisha (or Eliseus) Prophet; successor of Elijah.
Elkanah Husband of Hannah; father of Samuel.
Enoch Son of Cain.
Enoch Father of Methuselah.
Enos Son of Seth; father of Cainan.
Ephraim Son of Joseph.
Esau Son of Isaac and Rebecca; sold his birthright to his brother Jacob.
Esther Jewish wife of Ahasuerus; saved Jews from Haman's plotting.
Eve First woman; created from rib of Adam.
Ezra (or Esdras) Hebrew scribe and priest.
Gad Son of Jacob and Zilpah.
Gehazi Servant of Elisha.
Gideon Israelite hero; defeated Midianites.
Goliath Philistine giant; slain by David.
Hagar Handmaid of Sarah; concubine of Abraham; mother of Ishmael.
Haggith Mother of Adonijah.
Ham Son of Noah; father of Cush, Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan.
Haman Chief minister of Ahasuerus; hanged on gallows prepared for Mordecai.
Hannah Wife of Elkanah; mother of Samuel.
Hanun King of Ammonites.
Haran Brother of Abraham; father of Lot.
Hazael King of Damascus.
Hephzi-Bah Wife of Hezekiah; mother of Mannaseh.
Hiram King of Tyre.
Holofernes General of Nebuchadnezzar; slain by Judith.
Hophni Son of Eli.
Isaac Hebrew patriarch; son of Abraham and Sarah; half brother of Ishmael; husband of Rebecca; father of Esau and Jacob.
Ishmael Son of Abraham and Hagar; half brother of Isaac.
Issachar Son of Jacob and Leah.
Ithamar Son of Aaron.
Jabal Son of Lamech and Adah.
Jabin King of Hazor.
Jacob Hebrew patriarch; founder of Israel; son of Isaac and Rebecca; husband of Leah and Rachel; father of Asher, Benjamin, Dan, Gad, Issachar, Joseph, Judah, Levi, Naphtali, Reuben, Simeon, and Zebulun.
Jael Slayer of Sisera.
Japheth Son of Noah.
Jehoiada High priest; husband of Jehoshabeath; revolted against Athaliah and made Joash King of Judah.
Jehoshabeath (or Jehosheba) Daughter of Jehoram of Judah; wife of Jehoiada.
Jephthah Judge in Israel; sacrificed his only daughter because of vow.
Jesse Son of Obed; father of David.
Jethro Midianite priest; father of Zipporah.
Jezebel Phoenician princess; wife of Ahab; mother of Ahaziah, Athaliah, and Jehoram.
Joab Commander in chief under David; slayer of Abner, Absalom, and Amasa.
Job Patriarch; underwent many afflictions; comforted by Bildad, Elihu, Eliphaz and Zophar.
Jochebed Wife of Amram.
Jonah Prophet; cast into sea and swallowed by great fish.
Jonathan Son of Saul; friend of David.
Joseph Son of Jacob and Rachel; sold into slavery by his brothers; husband of Asenath; father of Ephraim and Manassah.
Joshua Successor of Moses; son of Nun.
Jubal Son of Lamech and Adah.
Judah Son of Jacob and Leah.
Judith Slayer of Holofernes.
Kish Father of Saul.
Laban Father of Leah and Rachel.
Lamech Son of Methuselah; father of Noah.
Lamech Husband of Adah and Zillah; father of Jabal, Jubal, and Tubal-Cain.
Leah Daughter of Laban; wife of Jacob.
Levi Son of Jacob and Leah.
Lot Son of Haran; escaped destruction of Sodom.
Maacah Mother of Absalom and Tamar.
Mahlon Son of Elimelech; first husband of Ruth.
Manasseh Son of Joseph.
Melchizedek King of Salem.
Methuselah Patriarch; son of Enoch; father of Lamech.
Michal Daughter of Saul; wife of David.
Miriam Prophetess; daughter of Amram; sister of Aaron and Moses.
Mizraim Son of Ham.
Mordecai Uncle of Esther; with her aid, saved Jews from Haman's plotting.
Moses Prophet and lawgiver; son of Amram; brother of Aaron and Miriam; husband of Zipporah.
Naaman Syrian captain; cured of leprosy by Elisha.
Nabal Husband of Abigail.
Naboth Owner of vineyard; stoned to death because he would not sell it to Ahab.
Nadab Son of Aaron.
Nahor Father of Terah.
Naomi Wife of Elimelech; mother-in-law of Ruth.
Naphtali Son of Jacob and Bilhah.
Nathan Prophet; reproved David for causing Uriah's death.
Nebuchadnezzar (or Nebuchadrezzar) King of Babylon; destroyer of Jerusalem.
Nehemiah Jewish leader; empowered by Artaxerxes to rebuild Jerusalem.
Nimrod Mighty hunter; son of Cush.
Noah Patriarch; son of Lamech; escaped Deluge by building Ark; father of Ham, Japheth and Shem.
Nun (or Non) Father of Joshua.
Obed Son of Boaz; father of Jesse.
Og King of Bashan.
Orpah Wife of Chilion.
Othniel Kenezite; judge of Israel; husband of Achsa.
Phinehas Son of Eleazer.
Phinehas Son of Eli.
Phut (or Put) Son of Ham.
Potiphar Egyptian official; bought Joseph.
Rachel Wife of Jacob.
Rebecca (or Rebekah) Wife of Isaac.
Reuben Son of Jacob and Leah.
Ruth Wife of Mahlon, later of Boaz; daughter-in-law of Naomi.
Samson Judge of Israel; famed for strength; betrayed by Delilah.
Samuel Hebrew judge and prophet; son of Elkanah.
Sarah (or Sara, Sarai) Wife of Abraham.
Sennacherib King of Assyria.
Seth Son of Adam; father of Enos.
Shem Son of Noah; father of Elam.
Simeon Son of Jacob and Leah.
Sisera Canaanite captain; slain by Jael.
Tamar Daughter of David and Maachah; ravished by Amnon.
Terah Son of Nahor; father of Abraham.
Tubal-Cain Son of Lamech and Zillah.
Uriah Husband of Bathsheba; sent to death in battle by David.
Vashti Wife of Ahasuerus; set aside by him.
Zadok High priest during David's reign.
Zebulun (or Zabulon) Son of Jacob and Leah.
Zillah Wife of Lamech.
Zilpah Servant of Leah; mistress of Jacob.
Zipporah Daughter of Jethro; wife of Moses.
Zophar Comforter of Job.

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