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Other Wakefields

Should you know of any other Wakefields please let me know

Name and Country Latitude and Longitude (Deg.Min)
Wakefield Illinois USA 38.52N 88.15W
Wakefield Indiana USA 38.47N 85.35W
Wakefield Kansas USA 39.14N 97.01W
Wakefield Louisiana USA 30.50N 91.20W
Wakefield Baltimore City Maryland USA 39.28N 76.35W
Wakefield Carroll Maryland USA 39.32N 77.05W
Wakefield Charles Maryland USA 38.40N 76.56W
Wakefield Middlesex Mass USA 42.29N 71.04W
Wakefield Michigan USA 46.29N 89.55W
Wakefield Missisippi USA 34.40N 89.40W
Wakefield Nebraska USA 42.18N 96.51W
Wakefield New Hampshire USA 43.32N 71.01W
Wakefield New York USA 40.53N 73.55W
Wakefield New Zealand 41.24S 173.02E
Wakefield Ohio USA 40.10N 84.38W
Wakefield Pensylvania USA 39.47N 76.11W
Wakefield Quebec 45.38N 75.56W
Wakefield Rhode Island USA 41.26N 71.30W
Wakefield Texas USA 31.06N 94.52W
Wakefield Virginia USA 36.57N 77.02W
Wakefield Washington USA 48.11N 119.41W
Wakefield West Virginia USA 39.18N 81.38W
Wakefield West Yorkshire UK 53.42N 1.29W
Mount Wakefield Antarctica 69.45S 64.53W
Wakefield New South Wales Australia 34.186S 138.151E
Port Wakefield South Australia 34.20S 138.13E

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