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Storey, David Malcolm

David Malcolm Storey

David Malcolm Storey was born on 13th July 1933 in Wakefield, Yorkshire, Eng.
He is a English novelist and playwright noted for his simple, powerful prose that won him early recognition as an accomplished storyteller and dramatist.

Storey, who had been a rugby player, had written and laid aside seven novels before his eighth, This Sporting Life (1960; film, 1966), was published. It is the story of a professional rugby player and his affair with his widowed landlady. Storey's Flight into Camden (1960) concerns an independent young woman who defies her mining family by going off to live with her married lover in London. Radcliffe (1963) is about the struggle for power in a homosexual relationship. His book Pasmore (1972) concerns a man's spiritual regeneration, and Saville (1976), which was awarded the Booker Prize, is an autobiographical account of the breaking away of a coal miner's son from village life. Storey's other novels include A Prodigal Child (1982) and Present Times (1984). Storey also wrote plays, including The Restoration of Arnold Middleton (performed 1966), In Celebration (performed 1969; film, 1974), The Contractor (performed 1969), Home (1970), The Changing Room (1971), and Life Class (1974). Later plays include Mother's Day (1976), Sisters (1978), Early Days (1980), The March on Russia (1989), and Phoenix (1993).

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