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Former Governors of Wakefield prison

Governors of Wakefield Prison over the years


Maister Key ??
1611 Thomas Somester
1641 John Somester (removed for supporting Charles I)
1647 George Ratcliffe (appointed by Parliamentary forces)
1661 John Somester (reinstated with the restoration of Charles I)
1662 Francis Somester
1675 Robert Rayner
1696 Samuel Shelton
1699 Henry Clareborough
1699 Joseph Sill
1700 Richard Cowper
1718 Robert Bevors
1728 Richard Cowper
1736 William Downes
1766 John Waugh
1794 Benjamin Waugh
1800 Samuel Hill
1802 Charles Van Straubenzee
1816 Henry Magill
1817 James Shepherd
1824 Thomas Shepherd (died in prison of Cholera, also 29 prisoners)
1832 Edward Shepherd
1864 Godfrey Armitage
1882 John Burgess Manning
1890 Captain Edward Cowtan
1893 Captain George Crickitt
1904 John Raymond Farewell
1908 Commander L F W Saunders RN
1916 Prison was under Military Control housing conscientious objectors
1922 Major N Burrows
1923 Captain A E Scott
1931 Captain R C Williams
1939 Reverend William Smith
1946 Major B S K G Guise-Moores MC
1952 F C Ransley DFC
1956 Major G B Harvey
1960 Alan Bainton
1966 Rundle Harris
1970 John R Watson
1973 Major M Oldfield MC
1976 Brian A Emes
1979 Ian Dunbar
1983 John E Simmons
1986 Trevor J Gadd OBE
1992 Robert S Duncan

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