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Protest against planning permission for a concrete block manufacturing plant to be built off Flanshaw Lane

Do you want your property devalued?
Do you want 1440 forty-four ton HGV's thundering along your road every week? (That's one every 3 minutes, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week)
Do you want to see your roads ruined by the constant use by these heavy vehicles?
Do you want your local environment ruining?
Do you want the quality of your life to be decreased?
Do you want to see your family's health suffer?
Do you want to see 12+ acres of fields turned into a floodlit plant of noisy conveyor belts and mixer units?
Do you want employment for a few people rather than a few dozen people if other, safer industry was built on the site?
Do you want problems crossing the road taking your children to school?
Do you want to queue in heavy traffic whenever you have a journey in the car?
Do you want to have your washing on the line tainted by the toxic fumes and dust?
Do you want to be force to breathe the foul air emitted by these toxic plants?
Do you want toxic fumes and dust covering the area where your children play?

If the answer to ANY of the above is "NO" please object to the planning application now.

A public meeting to discuss a plan of action will be held on Monday 15th November 2004 at 7.30pm at Flanshaw United Reformed Church (Opposite The Eagle), Flanshaw Lane, Wakefield WF2 9JE (click for map).
Please attend and give your views.

Download the objection letter here. Click on the format required.
Microsoft Word Corel/Word Perfect RTF (Rich Text format)

The meeting was well attended by objectors.
Details of future meetings will be posted here as well as in the Wakefield Express.

At a Council planning committee meeting on Thursday 25th November 2004, the plans were rejected by the committee on the grounds that the concrete plant would create dust, noise and polution and lead to serious traffic issues.
The road proposed to be used for access to the site was not adopted by the council, and was in private ownership of a company not connected with the concrete plant.

No doubt there will be an appeal against the decision. I will post details here when I recieve them.

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