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Pubs old and new in Wakefield E-J

Wakefield Inns, Taverns and Public Houses Past and Present

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Pub Name Address Other Names Open Dem. Web <1900 Pic.
Eagle Inn Flanshaw Lane Union Tavern Yes No   Yes Yes
Elephant & Castle Westgate   Yes No   Yes Yes
Empress of India Northgate Shears No No   Yes No
Exclusive Exchange Bar Westgate   Yes No   No Yes
Fernandes Brewery Tap Avison's Yard Kirkgate   Yes No     No
Flanshaw, The Flanshaw Lane   No No     No
Flares Westgate Irnwrx, Woolpack Yes No   Yes No
Fleece Hotel Brook Street   No No   Yes Yes
Fleece Inn Bull Ring Cross Keys, The Falcon No No   Yes No
Flying Horse Kirkgate   No     Yes No
Forehorse and Firkin Westgate White Horse Yes No   Yes Yes
Fountain Inn Pincheon Street   No Yes   Yes No
Fox Westgate Lord Rodney, Rodney No No   Yes No
Fox & Grapes Stanley Road   Yes No   Yes Yes
Foxhunter Kirkgate   No     Yes No
Freedom Bar William Street Butchers Arms, Poste Haste, Snooty Fox No No   No No
Freemasons Arms Northgate Masons Arms No     Yes No
Friar Tuck's George Street Bull Fairhouse, O'Donaghues No No   Yes No
Gardeners Arms Northgate   No     Yes No
Gate Inn Northgate   Yes No   No No
George & Crown Inn Silver Street   No Yes   Yes No
George and Dragon Kirkgate   No     Yes No
George Hotel Southgate   No Yes   Yes Yes
George Hotel Windhill Road   No No   No Yes
Globe Inn Westgate Old Globe No Yes   Yes No
Goat Inn     No     Yes No
Golden Cock Westgate Horses Head No No   Yes No
Golden Lion Kirkgate   No     Yes No
Golden Lion Westgate   No No   Yes No
Granville Hotel Kirkgate Baltic,Double Six No No   Yes No
Graziers, The Market Street   Yes No   Yes Yes
Great Black Bull Westgate   No No   Yes No
Great Bull Hotel Westgate Rumours No No   Yes No
Great Northern Westgate Coopers Arms No No   Yes No
Green Dragon Westgate Henry Boons No No   Yes No
Grey Horse Hotel Kirkgate   Yes No   Yes Yes
Greyhound Kirkgate Blue Bell No Yes   Yes No
Griffin Hotel Northgate (Union St) Manor Wine Bar, Bolands Bar, Tickles No No   Yes No
Grove Inn Grove Road   No Yes   Yes Yes
Guinea Vaults Monk Street   No No   Yes No
Hammer and Anvil Kirkgate   No     Yes No
Harewood Arms Kirkgate   Yes No   Yes Yes
Harry's Bar Back Garden Street   Yes No   Yes Yes
Hatters Arms Westgate   No No   Yes No
Haunch of Venison     No     Yes No
Henry Boon's Westgate Green Dragon Yes No     Yes
Hertford Arms Cattle Dock Parkhill   No Yes   Yes No
Hole in the Wall Bread Street Moodies Vaults, Moodies No No   Yes No
Holmfield House Thornes Park Travel Inn No       No
Hope & Anchor Thornes Road (Lane)   No No   Yes No
Hope and Anchor Kirkgate   No     Yes No
Horbury Arms Cheapside   No     Yes No
Horse & Jockey Northgate The Jockey No No   Yes No
Horse and Trumpet     No     Yes No
Horses Head Inn Westgate Golden Cock No No   Yes No
House of Blessed Mary Cross Square   No Yes   Yes No
Huntsman Inn Flanshaw Lane   No     Yes No
Ikon Westgate Casanovas, Jumping Jacks No     Yes No
Ings Tavern Ings Road   No Yes   Yes No
Inns of Court King Street   Yes No   Yes Yes
Intercon Bull Ring Raquels, Dr Peppers No       No
Irnwrx Westgate Woolpacks Yes No     No
Jacobs Well Tavern Jacobs Well Lane   No No   Yes Yes
Jolly Sailor Thornes Lane Wharf   Yes No   Yes No
Jumping Jacks Westgate Casanovas, Ikon Yes No   Yes No

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