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Selected Families and Individuals of British Royalty


Anthony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones Earl of Snowdon

NOTES: Anthony Armstrong-Jones was a British photographer and a commoner who in 1961 was created 1st Earl of Snowdon. There was a 2 year separation preceding the divorce, which became final in 1978.

David Albert Charles Armstrong-Jones Viscount Linley

NOTES: When he was three years old, Viscount Linley had his ears adjusted by a plastic surgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. He prefers to be known as, David Linley. He is the only member of the royal family to have made his way in the world using his hands, employing the creative talents he inherited from his photographer x. Linley prefers the company of creative people to his royal cousins, although he is a close friend of Prince Andrew. Linley's name has been linked with that of Susannah Constantine and Kate Menzies, but as of this writing he remains a bachelor and one of the most sought-after dinner guests at smart parties in London and New York.

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