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King William III of Netherlands [Parents] was born on 19 Feb 1817 in Brussels. He died on 23 Nov 1890 in Het Loo. He married Emma of Netherlands Queen Regent on 7 Jan 1879 in Arolsen.

Other marriages:
Wurttemberg, Sophie

Emma of Netherlands Queen Regent [Parents] was born on 2 Aug 1858 in Arolsen. She died on 20 Mar 1934 in The Hague. She married King William III of Netherlands on 7 Jan 1879 in Arolsen.

They had the following children:

  F i Queen Wilhelmina of Netherlands was born on 31 Aug 1880. She died on 28 Nov 1962.

Frederick William III King of Prussia [Parents] was born in 1770 in Potsdam. He died in 1840. He married Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

Other marriages:
Von Harrach, Auguste

Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was born in 1776. She died in 1810. She married Frederick William III King of Prussia.

They had the following children:

  F i Princess Charlotte of Prussia was born in 1798. She died in 1860.
  F ii Daughter Stillborn died .
  M iii Frederick William IV King of Prussia was born on 15 Oct 1795. He died on 2 Jan 1861.
  M iv Emperor of Germany William I (Wilhelm) Friedrich Ludwig was born on 22 Mar 1797. He died on 9 Mar 1888.
  F v Frederica was born in 1799. She died in 1800.
  M vi Charles was born in 1801. He died in 1899.
  F vii Alexandrine was born in 1803. She died in 1892.
  M viii Ferdinand was born in 1804. He died in 1806.
  F ix Louisa of Prussia was born in 1808. She died in 1870.
  M x Prince Albert of Prussia was born in 1809. He died in 1872.

William Crown Prince [Parents] was born in 1882. He died in 1951/1952. He married Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin was born in 1886. She died in 1954. She married William Crown Prince.

They had the following children:

  M i William was born in 1906. He died in 1940.
  M ii Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia was born in 1907.
  M iii Hubertus was born in 1909. He died in 1950.
  M iv Frederick was born in 1911. He died in 1966.
  F v Alexandrine was born in 1915. She died in 1980.
  F vi Cecile was born in 1917. She died in 1975.

Eitel Frederick [Parents] was born in 1883. He died in 1942/1943. He married Sophie Charlotte.

Sophie Charlotte was born in 1879. She died in 1964. She married Eitel Frederick.

Adelbert [Parents] was born in 1884. He died in 1948. He married Adelheid of Saxe-Meiningen.

Adelheid of Saxe-Meiningen was born in 1891. She died in 1971. She married Adelbert.

Augustus William [Parents] was born in 1887. He died in 1949. He married Alexandra of Schleswig.

Alexandra of Schleswig was born in 1887. She died in 1957. She married Augustus William.

Oscar [Parents] was born in 1888. He died in 1958. He married Ina Maria Von Bassewitz.

Ina Maria Von Bassewitz was born in 1888. She died in 1973. She married Oscar.

Joachim [Parents] was born in 1890. He died in 1920. He married Marie Auguste of Anhalt.

Marie Auguste of Anhalt was born in 1898. She died in 1983. She married Joachim.

Duke Ernest Augustus of Brunswick Hanover [Parents] was born in 1887. He died in 1953. He married Victoria Louise of Prussia in 1913.

Victoria Louise of Prussia [Parents] was born in 1892. She died in 1980. She married Duke Ernest Augustus of Brunswick Hanover in 1913.

They had the following children:

  M i Prince Ernest Augustus of Hanover Hanover was born in 1914. He died in 1987.
  M ii George William Hanover was born in 1915.
  F iii Princess Frederica of Hanover Hanover was born on 18 Apr 1917. She died on 6 Feb 1981.
  M iv Christian Hanover was born in 1919. He died in 1981.
  M v Guelph Henry Hanover was born in 1923.
  F vi Monika of Solms-Laubach Hanover was born in 1929.

Prince Heinrich XXII Reuss died . He married Princess Hermine of Reuss.

Princess Hermine of Reuss was born on 17 Dec 1887 in Greiz. She died on 7 Aug 1947 in Frankfurt An der. She married Prince Heinrich XXII Reuss.

Other marriages:
, William II German Emperor

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