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Stanley in Bygone Days

This book has been reproduced for the Internet by Joseph G Court with the permission of the author, Frank Poskett C.C.M. CH.ENG.I.M.E. FL.I.M.E.


I was born in Stanley in 1915- Basically educated at St. Peter's School, Stanley and started my working life at 14 years age at Newmarket Colliery in 1929. So I claim to be a 'Stanley-ite'.

There have been many writings over the years of events and developments in Stanley from which I have been able to obtain information, plus my own observations which, hopefully, will to some extent present a picture of our village in bygone days in one publication.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible but no doubt a good referee will find some 'handling errors'! Gathering information for this book has been like picking pebbles from the beach with no methodical approach but so exciting because every pebble disclosed its own little story. I never knew which would be my next pebble or the story it was to unfold.

From 1924 we have worshiped at our Stanley church, and been baptised, married and laid to our final place of rest from there. For many years our children when in need of medical care, have been cared for at Pinderfields Hospital. Now our villagers who are very, very ill are cared for at our Hospice. Therefore all profits from the sale of this book will be donated to our Church funds, Pinderfields Children's wards and the local Wakefield Hospice.

Frank Poskett

This book is dedicated to the memory of my wife Hilda


I wish to express my sincere thanks to everyone who has given me help in producing this book -

Jack Calvert for permission to use his sketches - Norman Ellis for permission to use photographs from his books 'Bygone Wakefield and District' Vol 1 and 2 - extracts from E. N. Steele's "Glimpses of Stanley's Past" A. L. Ashworth's 'Stanley Royd Hospital, Wakefield - A History' - John Goodchild's 'The Coal Kings of Yorkshire - Wakefield Express for permission to use photographs - Stanley Newmarket Band and Hatfield Hall - Mr Perraudin, photo Stanley Hall - Staff at Wakefield Archives for making old papers and documents available for perusal - Staff at Balne Lane Library - Staff at Chantry' House, Wakefield for information on footpaths - Joan Howe for photos and information on Stanley Picture House - Mrs Walker, photo of 1892 Stanley Band - Mrs Richmond, photo Slaters Wagons - B. Cooper, photo Stanley Bowling Green - N. Ellis, photo Stanley Cycling Club - Mr Reader, photo St. Peter's football teams - G. Westerman, photo Rising Sun party - Mrs Holgate for information on Stanley Band - Landlord of The Thatched House for photo of old cooking range - B, Frazer, photo Wood Toll Bridge, Stanley Ferry - Mrs Albrighton, photo Carnival cart - Mrs F. Asquith, photo Wagon and Horses - extracts from G. Denison Smith's "A history of Stanley and District - Dark Ages - Manor Court" - and R. Limer, J. Calvert, A. Brown and B. Asquith for their contributions.

webmaster's note - Sadly Frank Poskett died on the 20th July 2010, aged 94

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