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Bygone Stanley - Cottage Hospital



It was administered by a Committee. The following is a copy of a meeting held by that Committee on Thursday the 5th of May 1870. There was present; J. B. Charlesworth; J. R. H. Esquires and the Rev. Richard Burell. Mr Charlesworth took the chair.

Minutes of the former meeting were read and signed. The following rules were adopted for the government of the hospital.

1) The hospital is designed for the accommodation of the labouring classes, when suffering from disease or accident, and is under the direction of the governors.

2) The funds for the support of the Institution shall be raised by voluntary contributions and a printed statement of the receipts and expenditure shill be yearly furnished to each subscriber.

3) Every annual subscriber of half a guinea or upwards shall be enabled to recommend one patient in each year for every half guinea so subscribed.

4) All subscriptions shall be paid yearly in advance and on the first of October.

5) The Institution consists of a trained nurse and such additional assistance as she may occasionally require.

The friends of the sick will be committed to give their assistance in special cases.

6) The nurse will reside in the Hospital and will take the general management thereof under the direction of the Governors.

7) Every requisite shall be provided in the Hospital and patients may not receive food or drink from other sources without sanction of the medical attendant.

8) Patients will be received either on a payment of a weekly sum, the amount of which will be fixed by the Governors and Warden, or they will be received in the recommendation of subscribers subject to the approbation of the Warden.

9) Application for admission must be made to the Warden.

The following were appointed to act as a Committee along with the Warden: Mrs Charlesworth, Mrs Macllile, Mrs Croft, Miss Burell, Miss Grosin and Miss Harrison.

It was agreed to ask Dr. Browne's advice for the beds and other requisites.

The first patient in the Cottage Hospital was Mrs Pullance on the 27th October 1870. She had a dislocated thigh.

By 1927 the Hospital had closed and was rented as a private residence. I remember a Mrs Summers living there. The rent received is said to have been used to help pay the salary of a District Nurse. The District Nurse at that time would be a Mrs Poulson.

At the time of writing, a bungalow is built on the site of the Cottage Hospital, and on the same plot of land is the Chapel of Rest attended to by the local Undertaker, Mr Bell.

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