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Bygone Stanley - Sand and Gravel Quarries


Geologically Stanley is on the middle coal measures and there are outcrops of coal in the western area. In the eastern portion there was a large river flat of aluminium with a terrace of gravel. This terrace of gravel and sand was quarried for many years in the Stanley Ferry area in the lands adjacent to the River Calder. There is a brief reference in the 1932 Kellys Directory of a business - Stanley Ferry Gravel Company Ltd.

The majority of properties in the Stanley area which have been built in the 20th century have received the sand and gravel from this extensive bed which has accumulated in the valley of the River Calder over many years. This sand and gravel was quarried from the Welbeck area of land which covers an area of approximately 800 acres. Some of the old quarries are now being landscaped and are already giving habitat to wild life and making what was an industrial waste area into a place of beauty.

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