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Bygone Stanley - Longevity


There is no single subject more obscured by deceit, falsehood and fraud than the extremes of human longevity. Throughout history, claims have been made for persons living into their second or even their third century. The facts are that humans surviving beyond their 110th year are very, very rare and so are survivors over 100.

The height of credulity was reached on the 5th May 1933 when a newspaper filed a story of the death of Li Chung Yum, the oldest man on earth born in 1680 and aged 256 years. It was stated that he had outlived 23 wives and was living with his 24th when he died.

Now in Stanley we have no such claims but we lost a lady, Annie Crossley who was born and died in Stanley at 101 years of age. To the best or my knowledge Annie was the oldest resident of Stanley - born September 20th 1881 and died on the 25th January 1982. She had three daughters and two sons and was born in the reign of Queen Victoria when William Ewart Gladstone (Liberal) was Prime Minister.

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