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Bygone Stanley - Shopping


The photograph of Brealey's shop reminds me of the days when flour was sold by the stone, scooped out of a large bin and filled into strong brown paper bags. Sugar was kept in containers and sold in blue paper bags. Butter and lard was cut and patted to the customer's orders. Salt was broken off a large block if required in a small quantity. Housewives with a large family would purchase a half or full block. Vinegar was sold by the half-pint or pint from a barrel and filled into the customer's own bottle. Sweets were sold in three-cornered bags. Bacon was cut by the 'slicer' from the roll. All the scales had weights and every customer received personal attention and service.

The milkman delivered from a large milk container (churn) in pints or quarts poured into the household jug. The milk was fresh, straight from the cow. The local milkmen were the Bramley and Normanton families.

In conclusion I feel that in the future one of our young villagers of to-day will again write of 'Bygone Days'. Perhaps mention will be made of some of our Stanley sportsmen who are still with us - for example a few years ago Kevin Ward was regarded as "the best rugby prop forward in the world', George Duffield - ranked as one of the best jockeys in the country. In their day, Brian Briggs, Albert Firth, Malcolm & David Sampson were amongst the best in rugby league. Now we have our young Dean Sampson and Steve Durham. We shall have many others to follow in the years to come.

In the years to come, many will look with new admiration on Jack Calvert's sketches. So, to the future author of 'Bygone Days in Stanley'.... my very best wishes.


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