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Bygone Stanley - Turnpike Road


This ran through Stanley and had a Toll House at the entrance to Bar Lane and the next one at the entrance to Lake Lock Road on the now Aberford Road. This length of road was operated by a private company and was in use in 1770 - a small charge being made for the use of this road.

The first Turnpike Act was passed by Parliament in 1663 in response to the need for good roads. Turnpikes fell into decline during the 19th century through competition from railways and were progressively abolished between the 1870's and 1890's.

The 'Toll House at Lake Lock still exists and has been kept in good condition. It operated as a Toll until 1870. The Toll House at Bar Lane was demolished in the late 1930's. It was last used as a shop selling sweets.

Jack Calvert, Stanley's well-known sketcher, has contributed the sketches of the Toll Houses.

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