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Correct internal URLs, by MIME type:

MIME typecount% countΣ sizeΣ size (KB)% sizemin sizemax sizeØ sizeØ size (KB)Ø time
text/html2770 URLs8.29%477154477 Bytes(465971 KB)12.04%6862 Bytes6851273 Bytes172257 Bytes(168 KB)8.864
image/png9539 URLs28.55%405740758 Bytes(396231 KB)10.24%106 Bytes1680921 Bytes42534 Bytes(41 KB)
image/jpeg18736 URLs56.07%1168531707 Bytes(1141144 KB)29.49%387 Bytes3707247 Bytes62368 Bytes(60 KB)
image/gif2067 URLs6.19%68644279 Bytes(67035 KB)1.73%43 Bytes6200641 Bytes33209 Bytes(32 KB)
text/plain7 URLs0.02%6799683 Bytes(6640 KB)0.17%6885 Bytes5218833 Bytes971383 Bytes(948 KB)
text/css3 URLs0.01%58104 Bytes(56 KB)0.00%4710 Bytes46642 Bytes19368 Bytes(18 KB)
application/x-javascript2 URLs0.01%37132 Bytes(36 KB)0.00%12565 Bytes24567 Bytes18566 Bytes(18 KB)
image/x-icon1 URLs0.00%1150 Bytes(1 KB)0.00%1150 Bytes1150 Bytes1150 Bytes(1 KB)
audio/midi134 URLs0.40%219822 Bytes(214 KB)0.01%99 Bytes37159 Bytes1640 Bytes(1 KB)
application/pdf74 URLs0.22%1799709306 Bytes(1757528 KB)45.41%1164116 Bytes108373796 Bytes24320396 Bytes(23750 KB)
application/x-java-archive1 URLs0.00%4810 Bytes(4 KB)0.00%4810 Bytes4810 Bytes4810 Bytes(4 KB)
4 URLs0.01%8063 Bytes(7 KB)0.00%68 Bytes4672 Bytes2015 Bytes(1 KB)
application/msword1 URLs0.00%8704 Bytes(8 KB)0.00%8704 Bytes8704 Bytes8704 Bytes(8 KB)
text/rtf1 URLs0.00%10622 Bytes(10 KB)0.00%10622 Bytes10622 Bytes10622 Bytes(10 KB)
application/x-shockwave-flash73 URLs0.22%29111502 Bytes(28429 KB)0.73%876 Bytes2849291 Bytes398787 Bytes(389 KB)
video/x-flv1 URLs0.00%6895919 Bytes(6734 KB)0.17%6895919 Bytes6895919 Bytes6895919 Bytes(6734 KB)
application/octet-stream1 URLs0.00%4862 Bytes(4 KB)0.00%4862 Bytes4862 Bytes4862 Bytes(4 KB)
Total33415 URLs100.00%3962940900 Bytes(3870059 KB)100.00%

All pages, by result type:

ok34424 URLs99.20%
user skip154 URLs0.44%
mail host ok6 URLs0.02%
connection reset1 URLs0.00%
timeout2 URLs0.01%
not found1 URLs0.00%
auth required3 URLs0.01%
skip type109 URLs0.31%
Total34700 URLs100.00%

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