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* * * *  MERRY CHRISTMAS   * * * *

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Sung to the tune - Chestnuts Roasting

Fingers racing o'er the keyboard
Eyes are darting 'cross the screen
My mind is churning with the things I will find
And then I let out a scream
There go all my dreams
Santa Claus
For as soon as the web goes: Ooops!
The panic rises up inside
How will I see who is in the news groups
Oh no, I feel as if I died
red Star
I know that it will take awhile
Until it comes back up I cannot make a smile
I will not rest until I find
That the internet is back on line
Snow Sleigh
And so I offer you this web advice
Take it now with my good cheer
Find a boardgame you can play in it's place
Before you shed another tear

Christmas Tree
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