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For help and support with the guai protocol for FMS, please join the Guai-Support Group's discussion list and post your questions there.  I do not answer such questions privately, sorry.  Information about joining the group and managing your subscription can be found here.


My Fibromyalgia Journey

I have memories of aches and pains throughout my childhood.  When I was a teenager I had problems with headaches that caused me to miss a lot of school.  I was always overweight compared to my school friends, never very active but always participated in class activities when I had to.

At the end of my final High School year I got a part-time job in a takeaways, taking orders, making the burgers and toasted sandwiches, and wrapping the deep-fried foods.  When I first started wrapping the deep-fried foods, I sprained my wrist on the first day, from the action of tipping out the contents of the baskets.  This, in my opinion, was a major trigger; the aches in my wrists and hands never went away, and in fact spread to other locations.

In 1983, when I was 18 and in my first year at Auckland University, my doctor at the time explained the aches and pains I was experiencing on a regular basis as 'arthritis'. He gave me anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), and I took them for many years, only complaining when I thought they weren't working properly any more. I would then be given a different NSAID, which I convinced myself for a while was doing the job.

In 2000 I (again) changed doctor within the practice I had been going to since I was a child (something that happened from time to time as older doctors retired and younger ones started their families), who was not familiar with my 'arthritis'. When I approached her for a medical certificate (for dispensation to allow a computer to type my answers for a 3-hour written exam at Massey University) she suggested we take a closer look at what was going on, and referred me to a rheumatologist.

The rheumatologist diagnosed the general aches and pains I've had for years as Fibromyalgia (FMS) and the specific pains in my hands as the beginnings of Osteoarthritis (OA). I had never heard of FMS before; in fact, by the time I went home that night I couldn't even remember the word!

continued in "My Progress #1"

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