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Jim Agee , Nancy Arnold (Wolfe), Gary Bishop, Phyllis BishopPaul Blankenbeckler, Bob Boardwine, James Edward "Moe" Brotherton
Jay Burchette
, Jimmy Carmack, Jimmy Catron,
 Nancy Cheek,  Billy Cox, Jim Davis, Hershell Davidson, Colleen Dean (Shriver), Wayne Dean, Wayne Dickerson
James Falin
Betty Ferrell (Bishop), Hugh Fox, Tony FryeGeorge Harmon, Jr.Harold HenryMary Lee Jackson (Olinger), Ruby Jayne, Eckel Jenkins , Ronald Jeter
Leonard Kindle
,  Shelbie Jean Leach (Dyess),
 Georgia Sue Lewis (Leonard), Everett Lyons, Don MartinRon McPherson,  Emily Meece (Balzer), Cecil McCloud
Keith McNutt
Janey Moffitt (Tunnel)Jerry Murrell , Charlene Parker (Wines), Bobby Pippin, Bill Poe, Joyce Price (Elkins), Judy Stallard (Green), Glen Williams

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