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Received 7/26/05:

Congratulations!! Your website has won "Kentucky is My Home!" Excellent site award. I am honored to present you this award.

I know how much love and labor and hard work it takes to make a website and wanted to honor you with that thought. Thank you for so willingly sharing your information with others.


  Received 6/12/10:

We recently found your website. Attached you will find the award we give, and this is our "criteria".  Congratulations!

The Spreading Branches Award of Excellence is given by Debra and Valerie to exemplary family genealogy websites.

We want to reward researchers that have honored their roots in an exceptional manner. We are looking for websites that are easy to navigate, have outstanding visual appeal and contain a commendable quantity of documentation and sourcing.


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Disclaimer:  Every effort has been made to research and present the material on this site accurately. Due to the constantly changing nature of genealogical research, all materials on this website must be considered a work in progress. While I have researched some of the information contained on these pages myself, much of it has come from other researchers and has not been verified by me. As is the nature of genealogy, the information may not be complete, and the accuracy depends on the various sources researched. Many sources are thought to be reliable, but the information may include inaccuracies or typographical errors. When multiple sources present conflicting information, I have used what I thought was the most reliable source. It is strongly advised by the compiler that researchers only use this data as a beginning reference. This Web site and ALL information on the pages is provided for the purpose of sharing my research with others. The data is from many family members, distant cousins, web sites, and visits to libraries, cemeteries and courthouses. I claim no Copyright on the data itself, since most of it is generally a matter of public record, but my unique presentation of the data shall not be used for profit or presentation. Researchers with connections to any individuals on this website or the attached WorldConnect database are encouraged to contact the compiler for purposes of sharing further information. If you find this resource of interest please let others know of its existence.

Thanks for stopping by!

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